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Kayode Fahm: My journey from Finance to Charity Runway


Brandcrunch: How to Get “Generation Y” to Deliever Optimally – Fahm
October 7, 2012In his presentation, Kayode Fahm, a finance expert and investment guru, explains that ‘Generation Y’ has become a critical success factor in businesses and organizations. Therefore, it is time businesses capture the expectations of the younger generation, and encourage collaboration between generations.
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June 1, 2012

Still less than 50, he has achieved global renown as a motivational speaker, martial artist, classical guitarist and a finance and money market expert, having lived and worked in several countries on separate continents in nearly half a century of his sojourn abroad. He has worked at globally known audit firm, Arthur Anderson, then Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.
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This Day: A Six-Stringed Sunday
December 18, 2011

Kayode Fahm was no George Benson, but it was good to see appreciation etched on the faces of guitar-loving fans as the Life House resort opened its doors for Fahm’s Spanish Guitar recital. The year had been a good one for the art haven that had played host to film screenings, book readings and other events that have made it a venue of repute in the Lagos metropolis. The meticulous selection was evident once again as Fahm added his quota to a weekend filled with lyrical offerings.
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Bottomline: Keys to Attaining and Sustaining Professional Excellence – With Kayode Fahm
Not Dated

Kayode Fahm has over 15 years of distinguished career as an analyst, trader and investment manager of the top financial institutions in the world. He graduated with honours in Mathematics from Imperial College of Science and Technology in London in 1986, and has a Chartered Management Accounting qualification.
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