nutrition clean eating

January 19, 2015

Kayode Fahm, Dakore Akande, Zainab Balogun present Nutrition – “Clean Eating”

At the end of our last video The Gym Workout Kayode promised to discuss tips on “Nutrition” and in this segment, Kayode, Zainab and Dakore share tips on clean eating.

They say abs are made in the Kitchen and not just at the gym.

With the fast paced lifestyle we all lead, we end up grabbing fast food on the go, and snacking too often between meals with the wrong type of foods. The concept of clean eating is pretty simple, and what Kayode and the ladies demonstrate here is that we must all be more mindful of the food we put on our plate.

Clean eating is not a diet; it’s a healthy and happy lifestyle.

“You are what you eat” – Kayode Fahm